The Argumentative Essay Assignment 2021

Your major assignment for this unit is to write an argumentative essay that supports your point with evidence. Choose one of the four options described below. To make the research process easier, each topic has 4 articles in its respective article library. You may only use those resources; other articles will be disallowed. Also, you … Continue reading The Argumentative Essay Assignment 2021

The Concession-Thesis-Reason Topic Sentence

The thing I like about the concession-thesis-reason topic sentence model is that it's compact. It forces the writer to condense his counterargument, thesis, and reasons into a simple, streamlined idea that is easily grasped by the reader. Today's lesson was focused on learning that model, but if you were unable to be here, fear not … Continue reading The Concession-Thesis-Reason Topic Sentence

Informational Writing: Plagues and Pandemics

This post will be your go-to place for resources about our informational writing project, and as such, it has a very limited audience. Some of the Taco's other readers may find some of this information useful in their own writing classes or projects. If so, I'm glad it could help you. For my students this … Continue reading Informational Writing: Plagues and Pandemics