I posted this link to the North Korean missile story on the Knowledge Taco for two reasons: it’s a developing situation that we all need to know more about, and there’s something wrong with the headline.

If you think you know how to fix the error, write your answer on a white 3 x 5 card and submit it to me on August 9 at the beginning of class. The first correct answer in each period will win a cool prize and all correct answers submitted on that day will win a 25-point bonus grade. (No late submissions will be accepted.) Answers containing spelling, usage, or punctuation errors will be disqualified.

If you think you know how to fix the North Korean missile problem, contact the Pentagon.

Good luck!

– Mr. O

UPDATE – 8-15-17

Congratulations to Chloe Cowan of my 4th period class! Chloe correctly identified the error as a misplaced modifier. As written, the headline implies that the missile will be in flight for an entire year before it reaches the the United States. Chloe’s corrected the headline to read “Intelligence Agencies Say North Korea is Within a Year of Developing a Missile Capable of Reaching the U.S.”

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