Please note that this assignment is for second, third, and fifth periods only.

Using your value and experience outlines (the hand turkeys we drew in class), select one value that means a great deal to you. (If you missed that activity, I have some values listed at the bottom for you.)

Ideally, the importance of this value will have been shaped by one of your experiences: making the team, dealing with disappointment, fighting with a friend, moving, or suffering an injury or illness.

Use this period to write your draft.

  1. Start with what you believe and why (Answer the question)
  2. Tell your experience that backs up this belief (Cite evidence)
  3. Explain how your belief and your experience make you who you are today. (Explain the evidence – put the pieces together for the reader)

Expected length: 275 – 300 words. Use obvious paragraphing.

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