Here is a list of the journal topics we’ve written on since the beginning of this semester. Please make sure you have submitted the ones I’m grading. Others should be in your binder for reference and possible use later on.

Friday, January 5 (graded)

  • Paragraph 1: Describe something you’d like to see change in 2018 (outside the circle).
  • Paragraph 2: Describe a personal goal you want to achieve in 2018 (inside the circle).

Tuesday, January 9

  • What is the most pressing problem in the world today? Write a paragraph in which you describe this problem, explain why it’s the most important, and suggest a solution.

Wednesday, January 10 (graded)

  • President Donald Trump has revoked the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Act (DACA), meaning that thousands of people who came to the United States as children face deportation unless Congress acts soon. This could pose a severe hardship: many are in college or have well-paying jobs here they would be forced to give up.
  • In a paragraph, explain how you stand on the issue. Should undocumented immigrants who arrived as children be sent back to their countries of origin or remain here and pursue expedited legal immigration?

Thursday, January 11

  • Where will you be in five years? What will you be doing? Describe your future self in a paragraph.

Friday, January 12 (graded)

  • Rewrite the opening paragraph of Paper B from the collection of sample essays we’ve been working with. Your revision should show evidence of good ideas that are organized effectively and with attention to style.
  • Here is the uncorrected text of that paragraph:
    • When I was nine, many different things had happened to me. My mom and dad had been divorced for quite sometime. I barley saw my dad. One certain time I came, I remember quite well. My grandpa had died.

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