Type your report in Times New Roman, 12-point font. You may use a larger font for the title page and for topic headings. Make sure your spacing is set to 1.5.

Check your spelling and grammar. It counts.

Staple your pages together. You do not need to get a report cover. If you want to cover it in some fashion, use a plain manila folder.

I’m expecting most reports to run at least 10 pages.

Report Sections

  • Cover Page – center the following
    • Report title
    • Author 1
    • Author 2
    • Author 3 (if required)
    • Date submitted
  • Summary – include only the most essential information. 200 – 250 words.
  • Kimberly McLean’s Childhood – a mixture of what you know and what you suspect. Remember, you’re setting up supporting evidence for your theory.

  • The Missing Years – Based on what her childhood and adulthood were like, write what you think happened from her disappearance in 1986 until someone picked up Becky Sue Turner’s birth certificate in 1988. Your accounting will be based on what you think could have happened according to known facts.
  • Lori Kennedy Emerges – Include basic information here, but make sure you focus on information that will make your theory believable.
  • Conclusion – This is where you explain your theory as to why she wound up the way she did. You’ll probably want to tie her childhood, missing years, and adult life together here to prove your case.
  • Works Cited Page – an alphabetical list of websites and articles you consulted.

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