Periods 1, 2, 4, and 5

  1. sublime (adj): awe-inspiring; of high spiritual or moral value
  2. submissive (adj): to be meek and submit; yielding
  3. superfluous (adj): extra, more than is necessary
  4. truant (n, adj): absent; idle
  5. vagrant (n): a poor person with no home
  6. vindicate (v): to clear from blame or suspicion
  7. amoral (adj): unprincipled, unethical
  8. blatant (adj): obvious, showy
  9. conduit (n): tube, pipe, or similar passage, as for water
  10. deferential (adj):  respectful and polite in a submissive way

3rd Period

  1. vestige (n): trace or visible sign
  2. preemptory (adj): absolute, final, haughty, dictatorial
  3. audacious (adj): bold, adventurous, intrepid
  4. monolithic (adj): anything that is a massive whole, exhibiting solid conformity & one harmonious pattern throughout.
  5. obelisk (n): a four-sided monolithic pillar, made of one stone, that tapers to a pyramid. Although not a true obelisk, the Washington Monument is an approximate example.
  6. akimbo (adj, adv): Arms akimbo is the position one assumes when both hands are on the hips and the arms jutting out.
  7. cursory (adj): superficially done; done hastily without noting the details
  8. eponym (n): named after. Examples include Washington, D.C. (George Washington); ohm (Georg Simon Ohm); and volt (Alessandro Volta).
  9. penchant (n): strong taste or liking for; a preference
  10. asinine (adj): from the Latin for “jackass,” asinine means silly, stupid, or unintelligent – in a word, just like the animal.

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