lead_720_405Students will create a product that uses one or more propaganda methods to convince the audience to accept the content creator’s point of view. The product can be a speech, a PowerPoint (or Prezi), or a video. Students may select any debatable topic. If you can’t decide on one, visit for several great suggestions. The research there is excellent.

Click the link to get the Oral Presentation Rubric.

Click here to download the Propaganda Techniques 2018 PowerPoint we used in class.


  • waffleThe presentation must be on a debatable topic. You must pick ONE side and present it. Do NOT waffle. (You know what that means!)
  • You must use a propaganda method as a means of getting us to believe your message. You DO NOT simply “present the pros and cons,” as some of you have asked. You are trying to get us to believe what you do.
  • Your topic must be compelling. We must be interested in what you say.
  • Products need to be between 3 to 5 minutes long.
  • Students must provide a script of the content when it is presented.

Oh, remember the little girl in the Daisy Attack ad? Click here to find out what became of her!


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