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Performance Assessment Documents

After you’ve selected your topic, you’ll need to read up on the evidence that’s out there. Each link below will take you to a Google Doc page that has several links on it. Some articles may be of greater use to you than others, and you may feel the need to do additional research on your own. That’s fine, but be sure to document your sources.

Additionally, make sure you learn enough about the other side’s viewpoint to mention the counterargument in your thesis statement (the concession) and deal with it in the counterargument. I will look for this.

Remember, do not plagiarize! Copying verbatim and passing it off as your own will earn you a failing grade.

  1. Social Networking articles
  2. Single-sex School articles
  3. Junk Food articles
  4. Cell Phone articles

If you need another copy of the essay planner, click the essay-organizer link.


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