FSMS HDRWelcome back to Factory Shoals Middle School! It’s going to be another great year!

My name is Robert Oliver, and this is The Knowledge Taco Blog. I started it because I wanted a central location for information about assignments, due dates, resources, links, videos, and social media. I wanted a place to publish class notes. I wanted my site to be much easier to navigate. And I wanted my students to see that writing can be published, and that it doesn’t all end with handing in the essay.

In order for my blog to be useful, students and parents must keep up with it. Since you’ll see plenty of valuable information in these articles, I encourage you to subscribe to The Knowledge Taco in order to receive email notifications whenever a new article gets posted. Click the Follow The Taco button in the top right sidebar to get started. (Please note that WordPress does not offer notifications whenever a page is updated. I will send a Remind message instead. If you haven’t already signed up for them, you can do that here.)

The Knowledge Taco Blog (so named in honor of a former student, who referred to my teacher’s edition of our textbook as “the knowledge taco”) replaces my school website. Do not look for information on my school system website. You’ll find this site far easier to locate and navigate, and it’s much easier for me to update. It’s also interactive, as students and parents can have a conversation with me through comments on the posts. However, comments are no substitute for an email or Remind message, as I may not see the comments for several days.

Welcome to my class, and I wish you all the best for a fantastic school year!

Mr. O