There’s lots going on next week in my class! Students first need to prepare a draft of a personal essay for review and comment. We’ll do a practice peer review, and follow it with a real one in which students read each other’s work and offer suggestions. There’s also a vocabulary quiz next Friday, so students need to study for that for about 5 – 10 minutes each day.

Vocabulary Words

Click the following link to download a list of the vocabulary words for next Friday’s quiz.


Personal Essay Draft Instructions

  • Write a first draft of a personal essay. It must be based on ONE real experience that made a significant impact on you or one from which you learned a lesson. “Forgiving My Dad” and “My First Lifeline” are good examples.
  • DO NOT write your whole life story here.
  • Your essay needs to be something you care strongly enough about to be passionate about it, and that passion needs to show in your writing.
  • First drafts should be 5 paragraphs and run between 280 – 320 words. Expect final drafts to run longer.
  • Use details to draw the reader in and keep his interest.

Peer Review Materials

We will continue our peer review practice with the essay “Dieter Unbekannt and My Father: A War Story.” See the links below to download a copy of it or the Narrative Essay Peer Review Guide.

Dieter Unbekannt and My Father A War Story

Narrative Essay Peer Response Guide for Reviewer

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