Students in my classes will spend the next couple of weeks working on a research paper. Please understand that this project is time-sensitive and that delay may negatively affect your grade. You must make sure you don’t fall behind!

The Assignment Requirements

  • You may pick a topic from the approved topic list. You may modify the one you select, but you may not select one that isn’t on the list.
  • All papers must be typed in Google Docs and must be in Times New Roman, 12 point font, 1.5 spacing.
  • All papers must have a minimum of 3 different sources. They may NOT be by the same author.
  • Papers must be accompanied by a page of prewriting, an outline, a final draft, and a works cited page.
  • Length
    • First Period: 500 – 600 words
    • Second – Fourth Periods: 350 – 425 words
  • All papers are due Friday, November 22nd.
  • Plagiarism will result in a zero for the assignment. To check your writing for signs of plagiarism, visit Grammarly.

The Topic List

Students may modify any topic from this list. They may not select their own topics.

  1. What happened during the Salem Witch Trials?
  2. What may have happened during the Roswell UFO incident of 1947?
  3. How has airport security intensified since the 9/11 tragedy?
  4. How do computer viruses spread, and in what ways do they affect computers?
  5. In what ways to Walmart stores affect local economies?
  6. How has the Internet changed the music industry?
  7. How was the assassination of Abraham Lincoln plotted and executed?
  8. How did the Cold War between the U.S. and Russia affect the rest of the world?
  9. How did Joan of Arc change history?
  10. What responsibilities do Secret Service agents have?
  11. What was the Manhattan Project, and how did it affect the rest of the world?
  12. How did the Black Death affect Europe?
  13. What are the dangers of climate change and global warming?
  14. How is social media affecting teen literacy?


I have computers reserved for 4 days over the next two weeks. Additionally, I can probably get 4 or 5 laptops on days when we don’t have carts, and I can allow students to work during class time.

Ultimately, however, students will have to do some of the work at home. Accordingly, this project must be done in Google Docs.


How to Create a Works Cited Page

How to Write a Research Paper

Plagiarism Checker

Go to Copy your text and paste it in the window to check for plagiarism.


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