For those of you who were out the last couple of days, here’s the assignment. Also make sure to keep up with your vocabulary quizzes.

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The Structure of an Argumentative Essay

1. Read Ellen Cranley’s article, “How to Stop Shootings in America: 10 Strategies Proposed to Stop Gun Violence, and How Likely They Are to Work.”

2. After you’ve read the article, write down the three strategies that you think are most likely to work. Summarize the evidence for the strategy that Cranley presents. Use your Cornell paper for your notes. (This is not to hand in, but it will be used to prepare something to hand in.)

3.This article is both informative and persuasive. Cranley gives us information (informative), but she slants the ones she favors by including the more positive evidence.

Write a Letter!

4. Pick one of the strategies you selected from the article we read yesterday. Write a letter to one of your US Senators suggesting that he adopt your strategy and push for it to be passed into law.

5. We’ll write a draft first. After that, we’ll edit it and check the spelling, then write a final draft for mailing. I’ll provide the postage.

Letter Outline

1. Introduction

A. State the problem (school shooting)

B. Provide your solution (your strategy)

2. Next paragraph

A. One reason why the solution should be turned into law

i.Supporting detail

ii.Supporting detail

B. Another reason why the solution should be turned into law

i.Supporting detail

ii.Supporting detail

3. Arguments against your proposal

A. What they are

B. Why they’re not good

4. Conclusion

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