Below are the directions for the argumentative essay you will write by February 10.

The first thing you need to do is read over your 4 essay topic choices, then examine the articles that discuss the pros and cons of each one. After you’ve made your decision, begin reading the articles in earnest. Take notes on the articles, preferably in a Google Doc you title “Argumentative Essay Notes” or something like that. Avoid excessive copying and pasting, however, as that easily leads to plagiarism. Remember, academic theft carries a harsh penalty that can wreck a grade.

The article libraries are below.

  • Expected length: 400 – 500 words (6 or more paragraphs)
  • Format: Typed (Google Docs)
    • 12 pt, Times New Roman
    • Double spaced
  • Works Cited page, including:
    • Publication
    • Author
    • Website
    • URL (web address)
    • Date accessed
  • Due Date: Monday, February 10

Cell Phone Article Library

Using Smartphones In the Classroom

As Schools Lift Bans on Cell Phones, Educators Weigh Pros and Cons
NEA Today, February 2015

Even Just the Presence of a Smartphone Lowers the Quality of In-Person Conversations
Pacific Standard, July 2014

Schools Seek Balance for Cellphones in Class
Boston Globe, June 2015

Junk Food Article Library

Childhood Obesity Facts
Centers for Disease Control, August 2015

Junk Food Axed From School Vending Machines
U.S. News, July 2013

Want Kids to Eat Healthier School Lunches? Give Them Time
TakePart, September 2015

Why Some Schools Are Saying ‘No Thanks’ to the School-Lunch Program
Time, August 2013

Single-Sex Education Article Library

Single-Gender Classes: Are They Better?
Education World, August 2015

Single-Sex Education Unlikely to Offer Advantage over Coed Schools, Research Finds, February 2014

Old Tactic Gets New Use: Public Schools Separate Girls and Boys
New York Times, November 2014

What’s the Benefit of Single-Sex Education?
Child, November 2014

Social Networking Article Library

10 Surprising Ways to Use Instagram in the Classroom
We Are Teachers, August 2014

Engaging Your School Community Through Social Media
Edutopia, November 2014

#FOMO leading to higher levels of depression, anxiety for heavy social media users
Australian Broadcasting Corporation, November 7, 2015

Teaching Kids to Be Smart About Social Media
KidsHealth, August 2014

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