Image result for procrastination Today’s lesson is one that addresses what you might find on any standardized test, whether GMAS, SAT, LSAT (Law School Admission Test), or others. Here’s how to tackle it.

  1. You’ll use RACE.
  2. Read the question on page 3: “How does EACH author support his or her individual claims about procrastination? Use details from BOTH passages to support your answer.”
  3. Read both selections. Pay attention to how the authors support their claims.
  4. Restate the question. See the sentence above in italics.
  5. Answer that question. This is your claim.
  6. Cite your text evidence. If you use direct quotes, don’t forget the quotation marks. If you paraphrase, don’t plagiarize.
  7. Thoroughly explain how this evidence proves your point. Instead of saying “this shows that ___ ,” say “this shows ____ because ____ .”

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