Your assignment for Friday is another three-day assignment that takes place over days 10, 11, and 12. You should spend 20-30 minutes per day working on it. That said, if you are really behind in other subjects, you can use the day to catch up in those areas and tackle this one on Monday. That’s a call you and your parents should make.

The questions are multiple choice, constructed response, and an informational essay. The two you need to focus on the most are as follows:

2. Explain how paragraph 4 of “Houdini” develops the concept that Houdini relied on his own abilities rather than trickery. (This is a constructed response. Use RACE and at least two pieces of evidence from the text. You MUST explain the meaning of the evidence you cite.)

3. Harry Houdini achieved fame and success in his work as an illusionist. Think about the ideas in BOTH passages. Then write an informational essay in your own words explaining how Houdini achieved success as an illusionist. Be sure to use information from BOTH passages in your informational essay(I’m expecting a five-paragraph informational essay here. Each body paragraph should use one piece of evidence from each passage. Write a good conclusion that gives a satisfying ending instead of asking what the reader thinks.)

As far as instruction goes, you might want to review the lesson for Days 6 – 8. It has a review of the information you need to do well.

Good luck, enjoy your weekend, and stay well.

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