The cool thing about a classroom environment is its spontaneity. If you have a question, you ask it and get an answer. A classmate can ask you a question, another can answer, and this may spark a discussion that maybe wasn’t planned but from which everyone benefits.

Good times, good times.

Unfortunately, real classrooms have been replaced by virtual ones, a victim of our new COVID reality. But you still have questions, and I want to answer them. Here’s how to make that happen.

The Knowledge Taco

I will continue to post lessons on The Knowledge Taco, which, by the way, now has its own domain: You no longer need to put “WordPress” between it and the dot com. (It’s still okay if you do; WordPress will still redirect it to the right place.)

Getting Answers to Your Questions

Email – the absolute best way. It’s

Remind – also a good way for short answer questions. Visit this link and look under Contact Information for the code that matches your class. Also, make sure you allow me to reply via Remind. If you haven’t used your real name, I can’t look up an email in Infinite Campus and get back to you. It’s a one-way conversation.

Comments in Google Classroom – Don’t do it – ever! It’s the absolute worst way!

A Word About the Phase II Structure

A few of my students have asked about the new structure of Phase II. Your instructional days are as follows:

      • Monday: ELA
      • Tuesday: Math
      • Wednesday: Science
      • Thursday: Social Studies
      • Friday: Connections 1 (10:00) and Connections 2 (11:00)

Each day will have 60 minutes of virtual instruction (live on Meet or a video), 20 to 30 minutes on Classworks, and 30 to 45 minutes of reading on your own. I have assigned 4 NewsELA articles for this purpose, two of which have short writing assignments attached (paragraphs, no essays!). You can sign up by clicking this link.

Stay safe, be well, and remember that the work goes on because the cause endures.

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