All FSMS students will take the Star 360 Reading Assessment on Monday and Tuesday of next week, with Friday being a make-up day. Remember that the goal of this assessment is to collect baseline data (eduspeak for “we want to find out what you know so we can teach you better”), so just relax and do your best work.

Read This Before Test Day

  • Students must be visible on camera
  • Mics must be unmuted
  • Students must be silent during the test
  • No typing in the chat box or using cell phone during the test
  • WiFi Access Locations:
    • Buses parked in high school parking lots
    • Mirror Lake parking lot
    • Downtown Douglasville Conference Center
    • Every school’s WiFi access is extended to the school’s parking lot
  • Once the assessment starts, students cannot stop or move from the camera view unless it is an absolute emergency. Let me know if emergency arises.

Important Information for Parents 

The following letter is also on my Google Classroom

Dear Parents,

Your student will take the Reading Star360 Assessment, Monday, August 31 during their scheduled ELA class period. Please make sure to plug in their Chromebook/laptop before they go to sleep, so the computer can charge overnight. We ask that the student have a quiet designated area to take the assessment, which should take the entire period.

Your student is expected to log in to class on time. If the assessment has begun and the student is late, they will not be allowed in the Google Meet Classroom and will have to make up the assessment.

Please click to follow this link for more information regarding the Star360 Assessment.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

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