In case you didn’t get a chance to watch today’s video, or if you need to watch it again, click the link below to watch “How to Study Efficiently: The Cornell Notes Method.”

How To Turn In Your Notes as an Assignment

  1. Take notes in class every day using the Cornell Notes Method. You may create your own paper, or you may print and use the PDF (click cornell-notes-template-oliver-mod to download).
  2. IMG_0017Use your phone or laptop camera to photograph your notes. Make sure you take a picture of each page.
  3. Open Google Drive.
  4. Upload the image to your Google Drive.
  5. Open a new Google Doc in Drive.
  6. Insert the picture or pictures into the Doc.
  7. Turn in the Doc.

For a visual step-by-step tutorial, open the How To Upload and Turn In Your Notes PowerPoint by clicking the link. (This is the same presentation I presented in class on 1/14/2021.)

Got Paper?

If you don’t want to print copies of Cornell Note paper and you don’t want to draw your own, click this link to my Websites & Other Resources page. Scroll down a bit to find links to Cornell-style filler paper and other products available on Amazon (where else?). And just so you know, I do not have a store on Amazon, so you wouldn’t be making me rich.

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