How to Submit Google Classroom Assignments

I've noticed that some of my students are having difficulty submitting their work through the Google Classroom platform. I'm no expert, but I know someone who is: our Media Specialist, Ms. Mathews! She has graciously stepped in to save the day by suggesting this video. Watch it, and if you're still confused, email me or … Continue reading How to Submit Google Classroom Assignments

Vocabulary for Friday, October 11

1.Informational Text: nonfiction writing written with the intention of informing the reader about a specific topic. Typically found in magazines, newspapers, reference materials, textbooks, and instruction manuals. 2.Informational/Explanatory Writing: The purpose of this type of writing is to increase the understanding of the reader; to educate, in short. To do this, the author must analyze … Continue reading Vocabulary for Friday, October 11

First Three Days Recap

The following documents are ones you need to read carefully. The FSMS Student Handbook details our school's policies and procedures and is required reading for both students and parents. It covers such topics as dress code, school meals,  behavior and discipline, and attendance. Although we're discussing the associated FSMS Student Handbook Overview PowerPoint in class, … Continue reading First Three Days Recap

2018-2019 Spelling Bee Study List

The first round of spelling bees will be held in my classroom next Friday. Any interested students may compete for the position of class champion and class alternate. All champions and alternates will advance to the school-wide spelling bee. Remember, the winner and alternate of the school bee will receive a free copy of the 2018-2019 … Continue reading 2018-2019 Spelling Bee Study List