For a comprehensive definition of plagiarism, please read The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s handout, which can be found here. All students are expected to follow the guidelines stated in it.


Students who have plagiarized all or parts of their work will receive a zero for the assignment. Parents will be notified, and they will not be permitted to revise their work for a passing grade. Team coaches will also be notified, as appropriate.

However, students may elect to receive an office referral resulting in ISS but be permitted to rewrite their work for a grade no higher than a 70. Again, parents and team coaches will be notified.

The second act of plagiarism will result in an office referral. A committee consisting of the teacher, an administrator, a counselor, the student, and the student’s parent will decide if an opportunity to redo the work will be offered.

Subsequent acts of plagiarism will be treated as discipline issues. The work will receive a zero, and there will be no opportunity to make it up.