We’re Still In School – Sort Of

All students are responsible for completing the online assignments during the school closure. Do NOT try to do them all at once. There is a high probability that the result will look rushed and that you will not get the grade you hope to haveAnd remember, if you don’t understand a question, you can always ask via email or reach out to me on Remind. (Signup info is on the Home page if you need it.)

Beginning Monday, March 16, I will have regular virtual office hours between 10 AM and 3 PM. I will be available by email, and I will also open two-way messaging via Remind at that time.

Your ELA assignments are in Google Classroom, and these will be migrated to a link on the school’s website. Once I am provided that link, I will share it with you here.

You should also know that we will not have vocabulary tests during the closure. Additionally, first period students will need to have their copies of Macbeth and the study guide questions with them at home.

Please keep in mind that this closure is not a vacation. I will be working from my home office, and I expect all of my students to do so as well.

Be well and stay safe.

How to Find the Lessons

  1. Go to the Factory Shoals Middle School Website
  2. Find Digital Learning Days at the top navigation bar
  3. Hover over Digital Learning Days and click on Instructions
  4. Read and follow the directions.
  5. If you need more help, here’s a step-by-step guide to getting into Google Classroom and finding the assignments.

Submitting Your Responses and Revisions

You are not allowed to edit the assignments. Please use Google Docs to submit your answers, and please indicate which assignment you are submitting. For example, you can title your submission John Doe, Day 1, 4th Period.

Students whose IEPs allow the revision of assignments will be permitted to do so, providing the revision is within 2 days of the original grade’s posting. Students without IEPs will not be allowed to redo assignments.

Class Codes

  • 1st Period Gifted – bg7ql4d
  • 1st Period Advanced – mbokfnw
  • 2nd Period – unnqw3h
  • 3rd Period Oliver – rfimrei
  • 3rd Period Taylor – c33tseg
  • 4th Period – exscgx2